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Check out our huge selection of premium eliquids. We never compromise on quality, flavor or ingredients. If it’s in our store, you know that we’ve nailed the flavor perfectly!

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National eJuice Lines

Our national lines of Get Salty, VC Labs, Trio and Juc are our best selling, award winning and well-known eliquids.

Get Salty Line | Trio LineJuc | Winter Is Here | November | Wormys | Grahamed | Lustard

Trio Line eJuice

Our Trio Line of eliquid was our first nationally recognized line of ejuice. Two of our three flavors were selected best category flavors at the NW Vape Expo.

See All | Pebbled | Found Art | Vanished 4:14

Nic Salt eLiquids

Our national line of salt based nicotine eliquid was developed to provide dead on flavor. Perfect for the tough case smoker also!

Bourbon Stained | Mint Condition | Punched | Gooshers | Milk & Money | Mint2B | Onoki IceSee All

Juç eLiquid Line

The Juç line of e-liquids were developed to deliver nearly every flavor profile option with the best flavor.

See all | Bourbon Stained | Croises | Kanake | Mana | Onoki | Smoothie  | Subscriptions

Candy e-Juice Flavors

If you haven’t experienced Vape Crusaders candy e-liquid flavors yet, you’re definitely missing something special! Here’s some of our favorites

See All | Found Art | Kanake | WormysPixie Dip

Dessert eLiquid Flavors

You never knew that dessert vape could be so realistic! Our dessert e-liquid will make your mouth water and entice your senses. Some of our most popular:

See All | Blue Balls | Croises | Lemon CupcakeVanish 4:14

Fruity eLiquid Flavors

The Vape Crusaders fruity ejuice flavors will leave you swearing that your tasting the real thing. We just don’t compromise on quality or taste! Examples:

See All | Smoothie | Mad Mango | Purple PopsicleTiger’s Blood

Breakfast eJuice Flavors

If you’re into breakfast vape that really hits the flavor mark, you’re going to love our breakfast eliquid options. The flavor is dead on and you can’t go wrong.

See All | Jaxx | Pebbled | Loopy Fruits | Leprechaun Cereal

Drink Flavors

Isn’t it about time that your drink flavor juice hits the mark every time? Our drink e-juice will hit you between the eyes with perfectly tasting vape! Try these:

See All | Smoothie | Onoki

Custom eLiquid Flavors

Over 85 custom e-liquid flavors consist of the best custom created ejuice flavors we’ve developed that are not yet part of our national lines.

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e-Liquid Subscriptions

No store trips, no running out or reordering. Our 60ml Juç e-liquid subscription makes it simple, free shipping and as low as $21.99/mo!

All | Mod Device + 1/mo | 1 /mo | 2/mo | 3/mo

Menthol & Mint eLiquid

We take mint ejuice and menthol eliquid flavors seriously. If they’re not dead on, we don’t release it. Some of our popular flavors:

All | Mint Condition | Mint Condition (Salt) | Winter Is Here

Tobacco Flavor eLiquid

You won’t find better tobacco e-liquid out there. Even customers that said they didn’t like tobacco flavors get hooked on our tobacco ejuice. Try these hot flavors:

See All | Bourbon Stained | Mana | Cigar PassionVanilla

Custard eJuice Flavors

Custard e-liquid just has to be done right or you’ll wish you’d never tried it. Our proven custard vape flavors will keep your mouth watering and coming back.

Lustard | Crusaders Custard | Creme Brulee | Dirty Harry |All

Vape Crusaders Swag

Be apart of the Vape Crusaders team and sport some killer swag!

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