About Vape Crusaders

Every amazing company has a great story.

Our Vape Story

We are a bit different than many eliquid brands in the vaping industry. Yes, our co-founder Jason smoked for 14 years and discovered ecigarettes back in the day, but unlike some, he didn’t quit smoking right away. Like many smokers, he felt horrible, couldn’t breathe, had friends and family wanting him to quit, and tried many times. After watching a late night show and seeing someone using an ecig, he decided to check out vaping.

After trying many different e-cigarette products without success, due to not having enough power and numerous eliquids with horrible flavor, Jason went into his first vape shop and found a setup and ejuice flavor that he could handle, and was finally able to throw away his cigarettes that very moment.

But after a year of using various mods and trying many different ejuice brands, Jason was always dissatisfied with what flavors and quality was available in eliquids. He started researching and messing around with expensive and rare ingredients without regard to pricing, but just in an attempt to create what he knew he wanted for himself. There was never an intent to sell e-juice or start a business. Jason simply found that he had a knack for developing eliquid flavors that were dead on, using expensive, top quality ingredients that didn’t cut corners. When other people started asking Jason to make them a specific ejuice flavor and businesses began to approach him to work for them, he decided to start the business. And Vape Crusaders was born.

A Different Focus

Our main goal in starting Vape Crusaders was to get as many lives saved by showing them an easy and affordable way to get off of tobacco products. Our crusade wasn’t about getting rich, we’re squarely focused on creating the highest quality vaping products that help people quit smoking and stay that way. We are not interested in cutting costs to be the cheapest product or using fake glitzy marketing to be popular. We only want to develop and distribute the highest quality, best tasting ejuice made in the industry.