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Handcrafted e-juice one bottle at a time.

If you’re looking for some pretty packaged, hyped ejuice made with
cheap ingredients and marketed with crappy schemes, HIT THE ROAD.
You’re at the wrong site. If you’re all about handcrafted quality eliquid
flavors that deliver, get ready to be blown away by amazing vape!

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At Vape Crusaders, we’re extremely passionate about a few things. We take our eJuice manufacturing, eLiquid flavors, and helping people to stop smoking as serious as some people care about their pets. Our business goes well beyond just a money making enterprise, in fact becoming a vape business wasn’t the original plan. Our passion for the vaping industry and helping people is what led us to what we do, and nothing about the business will ever push us to cut corners on our e-liquid, make cheap vape juice or compromise on ingredients to make a buck.

We’re pretty serious about vaping. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, we suggest you hit the road!