Nicotine Salt Eliquid – Get Salty

Get Salty eLiquid line of nicotine salt e-juice

Nic Salt ejuice by Vape Crusaders

Nicotine salt eliquid is the next big thing in the vaping industry and Vape Crusaders is releasing it’s nic salt eliquid line Get Salty. Vape Crusaders VC Labs took the time to understand nicotine salts ejuice development and how to get the vape flavors just right. That time made our Get Salty salt based nicotine e liquid flavors just as amazing as our other ejuice.

Introducing Get Salty nicotine salt e liquid. Get Salty comes in three amazing flavors Punched, Bourbon Stained (our favorite all day vape), and Mint Condition. They all come in 18, 25 and 45mg of salt based nicotine, which is really smooth.

More about Nicotine Salt below

Vape Crusaders Get Salty Line

The Get Salty Line

Check out the Get Salty line of Nic Salts eliquid. All three of our nicotine salt based eliquid comes in 30ml glass bottles and comes in 18, 25 and 45mg. Check em out!

Punched nic salt eliquid by Get Salty

Hawaiian Red Punch

A refreshing red punch flavor you will remember drinking from your youth on hot summer days. Treat your taste buds to a tropical fruit sensation.

Nicotine Salt eliquid - Bourbon Stained

Tobacco Dessert Flavor

Bourbon whiskey flavored tobacco with notes of caramel. Bourbon Stained is a perfect flavor combination for both tobacco and dessert lovers.

Mint Condition Nicotine Salt Based Eliquid - Get Salty

Fruit Mint Candy

A delicious fruit mint candy flavor with a tang of watermelon and strawberry combined with a minty kick. A combo that is sure to please.

Punched nic salt eliquid by Get Salty


A picnic in your pocket from that familiar Watermelon Gummy Candy with a gooey filled center that gushes out.

Punched nic salt eliquid by Get Salty

Mint 2 B

A spark of Mint without the bite, thanks to a suave & sophisticated Cream that keeps it in check.

Nicotine Salt eliquid - Bourbon Stained

Fruit Tea on Ice

A brilliant and refreshing blend of Fruit & Tea eliquid that’s sure to satisfy from tongue to toe.

Mint Condition Nicotine Salt Based Eliquid - Get Salty

Pomegranate, Papaya, & Strawberry

Pomegranate, Papaya, & Strawberry. A blend of pure beauty offering a symphony for your senses.

Punched nic salt eliquid by Get Salty

Peanut Butter Taffy Candy

An incredible mix reminiscent of a certain chewy, gooey, Peanut Butter Taffy Candy Bar.

Mint Condition Nicotine Salt Based Eliquid - Get Salty

Salted Caramel Mocha

It’s like Coffee, but so much smoother it might make you speak with an accent.

Salt Based Nicotine eLiquid

Nic salts are a different form of nicotine that hits your bloodstream quickly, like a cigarette and they’re specifically designed for mouth to lung devices like Aspire Breeze, Joyetech Penguin & the EleafiCare2. *Nic salts are not for use with sub ohm devices!

This style of nicotine produces a really smooth hit that is distinctly different from the standard freebased nicotine ejuice. The higher content of nicotine with our salt ejuice just doesn’t give off that harsh throat hit. Nicotine salts ejuice vaping is the closest you can get to a cigarette, as it hits your blood stream instantly like a cigarette does, for those folks in your life who are hard core smokers or tough cases that just couldn’t be helped with mainstream mods or pens.

Get Salty is also nice for the veteran vapor (like us) who just wants something small when going out in a public gathering to be able to cover a craving in a couple small puffs. Nic salts are becoming extremely popular in the vape industry and we wanted to bring our high quality ingredients and dead on flavor approach to the space early on. We believe this is some of our best work yet.

Some Advantages of Nic Salt eLiquid

  • Cheaper to maintain as you use your device
  • Can be more effective for hardcore smokers
  • Easy to use and lower maintenance
  • Use less juice, so it saves money