The Trio Line | by Vape Crusaders

Our most famous and popular eJuice flavors

Our Most Popular Trio Line Of eJuice

The Vape Crusaders Trio line consist of our three most popular and famous flavors. These trio flavors have kept our customers coming back for more, over and over again.

Found Art - Red Bag Skittles

Found Art

We truly believe we found art in the process of nailing this fruity candy classic. Inspired by a red bag of Skittles, this eliquid tastes as delicious as pulling a handful of random flavors out and popping them in your mouth. *NW Vape Expo Award Winner*

Pebbled eliquid


Inspired by Fruity Pebbles cereal, we could not rest until we created the most spot on combination of fruit flavors to recreate our favorite breakfast cereal in a dead on ejuice. *NW Vape Expo Award Winner*

Vanish 4:14 - Vape Crusaders

Vanish 4:14

This favorite e-liquid is a complex base of creams swirled around fresh Blueberries and Strawberries with a sugary ending that will leave your mouth watering.

How We Roll Our eLiquid


With exception to a few of our most popular ejuice flavors, Vape Crusaders makes all of our flavors to order. Though our processes are typically really quick, there will be times that it might take a couple days to get an order shipped out. All of our juice is good right after mixing, with no need for specific steeping time. Some of our e-liquid flavors will taste even better after a few days of steep time but it’s not necessary due to the higher quality of ingredients we use, including but not limited to natural expensive extracts.