The Truth About Vaping

Facts and research showing the truth about vaping and ecigarettes

Vaping Research and Facts

Faced with the fact that vaping is taking smokers away from the tobacco industry by the millions, facts are something that big tobacco has to control again. Just like when the tobacco companies lied, paid for false science and manipulated government and private organizations to say that smoking wasn’t harmful, they are at it again. Vaping and e cigarette technology has done more for helping millions of people quit smoking over the last decade than any other pharmaceutical or other method yet devised, yet we are barraged daily with article after article and science report after report telling us that vaping is harmful or that is going to kill you faster than smoking itself.

What Science Says About Vaping

When you look at the science that’s quoted by the government and propped up by the willing media, you will find that it is bought and paid for by either big tobacco or big pharma. Both of which have a huge stake in vaping, ecigarettes and eliquids being controlled by the government. When you step away from studies that are either paid for or promoted by these groups, you will quickly get a very different perspective on the safety and effectiveness that vaping has brought to the world.

Real Studies That Show The Advantages And Safety Of Vaping


Royal College of Physicians: Over a decade before the US Surgeon General came out about the harmful effects of smoking, the respected and prestigious Royal College of Physicians is now saying that vaping and ecigarettes are at least 95% safer than smoking combustible cigarettes. Read

Public England Health: The United Kingdom’s own government website released this landmark press release stating “E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review. Expert independent review concludes that e-cigarettes have potential to help smokers quit.” Read

Popcorn Lung Myth – Debunked: If you’ve heard that you’ll get popcorn lung from smoking, you need to understand the facts about the study that stated this farce. “MISLEADING INFORMATION LEADS TO MISINFORMATION.”

E-cigarette Formaldehyde Myth – Debunked: A STUDY by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has finally debunked claims vape contains toxic formaldehyde. Read

“Professor Michael Siegel, of the Boston University School of Public Health, immediately questioned the results of the study, and conducted his own informal analysis of the facts. What Siegel found was that the temperature at which the glycol was broken down into formaldehyde was much higher than any temperature the e-cigarettes could even reach.”

Vape Juice Contains Antifreeze – Debunked: The truth is that the e-juice used in electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are manufactured from three primary components, and none of them is antifreeze. Read

Nicotine Causes Cancer – Debunked: “Psychologists and tobacco-addiction specialists, including some in world-leading laboratories in Britain, think it’s now time to distinguish clearly between nicotine and smoking. The evidence shows smoking is the killer, not nicotine, they say.” Read   AND “first we need to understand what nicotine is – and what it isn’t. It isn’t the stuff that can cause serious illness and death from cancer, lung, and heart disease. Those culprits are the tar and toxic gases that are released from burning tobacco when you smoke.” Read

Vaping is a Gateway in Teens – Debunked: Another way Big Tobacco and Big Pharma are attempting to keep vaping under wraps and under their controlled umbrella by the Federal Government is by connecting e-cigarettes to a similar charge that they were in fact found guilty of. Hooking teens on smoking. The evidence shows vaping is NOT a gateway to smoking for teens.

More on teen vaping NOT a gateway to smoking:

Why Vaping Isn’t a ‘Gateway’ to Smoking

Major Study Shows That E-Cigarettes Are Not a Gateway to Smoking for Kids


Second Hand Vapor Is Harmful – Debunked: “Scientific Study Proves Second-Hand Vapor is Not Harmful.” Read

Nicotine Stunts Development of Child Brains – Debunked: At about 9min into this video, you will get the fact that this claim is a simple wives tale.

Heavy Metals Found In eliquid – Debunked: “Dr. Farsalinos Discredits “Toxic Metal” Study For Being Misleading” Read

Vaping Can Give You Pneumonia – debunked:  “There is no way vaping could put people at risk for lipoid pneumonia simply because vaporization of commercially available e-liquids…” Read