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Vape Crusaders Juç eLiquid Subscriptions

Whether you’re ready to try the best alternative to smoking cigarettes or already an avid vaper, the Vape Crusaders vape juice subscription system by Juç has the perfect eliquid flavors for you. No running to the store, no worrying about running out or having to reorder. With our Juç e-liquid subscription it’s simple and hassle free!

As low as $17.99 per 60ml bottle! eJuice Delivered, No Hassle

Monthly USA shipping is always free on eliquid subscriptions.

How Subscriptions Work

eliquid subscription step one

Mod or No Mod

Choose whether you want to start Vape Crusaders Juç subscription using your own vaping device or if you need one.

eliquid subscription step two

Pick Your Flavor(s)

Next, select 1, 2 or 3 60ml eliquid subscription bottles per month and which of the best eliquid vape flavors you want and change them anytime!

eliquid subscription step two

Automatic Delivery

Then we’ll automatically ship your 60ml e-liquid bottles of vaping perfection directly to your door every month for a low price. The best eliquid flavors. No Hassle!

e-Liquid Subscription FAQ’s

How does the Juç ejuice subscription work?

It’s simple and hassle free. You simply subscribe to your desired number of bottle subscription, select the vape juice flavors and nicotine level you want and subscribe. You can change or cancel your subscription or e-liquid flavors at anytime.

Can I cancel my Juç vape juice box subscription?

Yes! At anytime you can login to your account and cancel, change or modify your ejuice subscription. No hassle.

I’m new to vaping, does Juç help me get going?

We are passionate about helping new vapers get going, especially those that have unsuccessfully tried to quit smoking over and over. In fact, when you get the Mod+Juc and subscription, you’ll not only get everything you need to get going, but we provide you with access to videos and help that walk you through every step of vaping with us. We’re committed to our customers.

What happens after I subscribe to Juç?

Once you subscribe to your desired subscription level, flavor and nicotine selections, your subscription is queued for shipping. If you’re in the United States, there’s never a shipping charge and your first shipment is sent right to your door within just a few (3-5 business) days. Inside your Juç package, you’ll find your monthly subscription order, a welcome card with helpful details and a Juç fortune. (You’ll just have to wait and see what that is.)

From then on, every month you’ll get your recurring vape juice order shipped directly to your door. No going to the store, no need to hunt online, no hassles. It’s simple.

Does Juç have more ejuice flavors?

Besides the 6 Juç eLiquid flavors, we also have several additional flavors through our parent company, Vape Crusaders. Let’s just say there’s more to come. In fact, we may occasionally include an additional sample bottle with your subscription to get your juices flowing so to speak. But for now, subscriptions are offered on the Juc line only.

Does Juç only sell eLiquid by subscription?

No, you can actually buy Juç e-juice by the bottle without a subscription. Simply visit the Vape Crusaders / Juç vape store and shop for our Juç and Vape Crusader brand vape juice flavors.

Juç Nicotine Levels

**Important** We give you a true amount of nicotine in every Juc eliquid. The exact amount of nicotine that is indicated on the label will be the exact amount of nicotine that is contained within the bottle. Refer to our throat hit chart below to select your Juc eliquid nicotine level.

0mg – virtually no TH
3mg – smooth but slight TH
6mg – medium TH (has a bit of a kick)
12mg – hard TH (recommended for heavy smokers)

It’s All About Flavor & Quality