Vape Crusaders Juc eliquid
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eLiquid Flavors of Juç

Vape Crusaders Juç line of eliquid includes fruity, dessert and tobacco flavors that cater to all levels of vape enthusiasts. We use the most consistent ratio of 70/30 to meet the needs of all vapers. Our acclaimed Juc line can now be automatically delivered to your door every month with no hassle!

Tobacco ejuice flavor with Bourbon and caramel sweetness

Bourbon Stained

Flavor Profile: A light Hawaiian tobacco flavor with desserty sweetness.

Bourbon Stained is perfect for our customers who are quitting smoking. Don’t let the tobacco title scare you away, this finely crafted vape has caramel & bourbon notes that will have your brain thinking you’re vaping dessert!

eliquid flavor - Banana cheesecake with hints of graham and cinnamon, with cream cheese frosting


Flavor Profile: Banana cheesecake with hints of graham and cinnamon then topped with cream cheese frosting

Croisés is a French word, meaning Crusaders and is a nod to our Vape Crusaders brand of eliquid. Pronounced “kwäzē”, the Croises Juç flavor will have you swearing you just had a bite of amazing homemade cheesecake.

Sweet Fruit Tea eliquid flavor by Juc


Flavor Profile: A complex fruit and tea combination.

A Sweet Fruit Tea reminiscent of those 99cent teas is recreated perfectly in the Onoki flavor of Juç. This amazingly complex fruit combination mixed with tea is a crowd pleaser.

Sweet Fruit Tea on ice eliquid flavor by Juc

Onoki ICE

Flavor Profile: Just like our famous Onoki, but on ice!

A Sweet Fruit Tea on ice. This version of our famous Onoki sweet fruit tea adds a little ice to the mix to chill your taste buds and cool your mouth.

honey soaked tobacco ejuice flavor


Flavor Profile: Finely crafted honey soaked tobacco that is dripping with flavor.

The Mana Juç eliquid combines it’s Polynesian root meaning of power with powerful honey sweetness and a hint of fine tobacco. Mana is a complex triple tobacco blend ejuice, layered with honey, satisfying to tobacco & dessert lovers alike!

strawberry and banana Smoothie ejuice flavor


Flavor Profile: The perfect strawberry and banana Smoothie.

The Smoothie Juç eliquid combines strawberry and banana perfection in a complex blend to produce the perfect smoothie flavor that will satisfy your taste buds that love an amazing blended drink!

green apple sour candy ejuice by Juc


Flavor Profile: The most amazing green apple sour candy belts that melt in your mouth.

Kanake, or candy in Hawaiian is an intense flavor blend that captures the essence of your favorite green apple sour candy. It’s dead on flavor will leave your mouth watering for more.